SYN Flagship Funds

Venture strategy leading late-stage Seed, Series A & B rounds for global cybersecurity companies with enterprise traction.

SYN Seed Fund

Seed strategy leading or co-leading Seed rounds for cybersecurity companies in the US and Israel.

Built to Empower
Founders Who Disrupt
the Security Norm

Cyber has become a $10.5 trillion existential challenge. Every major trend in technology is contributing to this complex and evolving dilemma. At SYN Ventures, we have built our careers – and many groundbreaking companies – by working to solve this challenge.

We exist to empower founders to create transformational and disruptive solutions that significantly reduce technology risk.

Providing Relationships,
Guidance, and Unfair

Connecting with SYN is like hardwiring into the global security community. Beyond funding, SYN Ventures provides founders and their companies with unrivaled access to leaders across the security and business ecosystems. These relationships drive design partnerships, capital investments, customer references and more.

Deep insights through our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) networks
Opportunities to onboard design partners who drive early-stage revenue, and act as reference customers
Broad relationships with potential acquirers to drive rapid exits
Strong relationships across the venture community
Deep insights through our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) networks

About Our Name

The Internet Starts with SYN

The SYN Packet opens the pipe that allows information to flow.

Meet the SYNNERS

This is not our first rodeo. We are a team of CISOs, founders and entrepreneurs that have shaped the growth of the cybersecurity industry over the past 20 years, leading from the front lines. Get to know our founding team, CISO board and CEO advisors.

Take Your Company
to the Next Level

We are excited to learn more about what you have developed. Our team is actively seeking early-stage security sector opportunities, and we are ready to provide the capital, relationships and opportunities to accelerate your growth. Contact our team for more info.