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About Auguria

Auguria is driving the transformation of traditional security operations by optimizing data for human and AI consumption with the industry’s first vector-based cybersecurity platform for security operations data integration, transformation, and analytics.

Auguria Story

Founded by Chris Coulter and Keith Palumbo in 2022, Auguria is redefining cybersecurity with its securityd ata platform based on its unique Security Knowledge Layer™ that tackles the common problem of SecOps data overload. Auguria SKL™ automatically identifies the critical <1% of security data, making it highly desirable for those fighting on the front lines of security operations (SecOps). Connecting your XDR, SIEM, or data lake, Auguria leverages proprietary vector/embedding technology to de-noise, rank, correlate, and enrich security events and alerts. By optimizing data for both human and AI, Auguria enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your human-machine-teaming driven security operations. Auguria ingests data at petabyte scale to automate the compaction, classification and prioritization of security data. All operations are done in near real time with no requirement to train models. Security teams doing SecOps or incident response in enterprise SOCs or at managed security services providers (MSSP), gain immediate benefit by being able to focus on what’s important right now without having to go through the painful, time-consuming process of manually handling the data. What used to take a human days or even weeks is now performed in seconds or minutes by Auguria.