Year Founded:

June 2021

Year Invested:

March 2023


  • Short Hills, New Jersey

About Cranium

Cranium is building the technology that drives confidence and trust in the use of secure artificial intelligence.

Cranium Story

While working with clients as the Global Leader for KPMG’s Third Party Security practice, co-founder Jonathan was deploying AI and ML models and noticed something deeply concerning.  No one, not his clients nor his partners at KPMG could answer just how secure were their AI and ML models from adversarial attacks?  Digging deeper he found that despite rapid growth in AI deployments, nearly 90% of the market hadn’t started to consider AI Security.  He took this problem and the idea for an AI Security business to KPMG.   KPMG jumped at the idea and provided funding and resources within three days to build the product inside the KPMG Incubator.  Jonathan’s experience as a founder of Prevalent, a pioneer and leader in third party security helped him spot the market similarities: rapid technology growth coupled with a need for compliance and trust extending from enterprises to their third-party supply chains.