Metabase Q

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  • Mexico City, MX

About Metabase Q

Metabase Q is the end-to-end cybersecurity platform for companies in Latin America – combining scalable managed services, proprietary threat intelligence, and security orchestration and automation to enable corporations to level up their cybersecurity, quickly.

Our Story

Metabase Q was built with the belief that consumer trust in services and products is core to business. However, as companies accelerate their innovation plans to participate in the digital economy, their security often lags behind. This problem is greatly exacerbated in developing regions, such as Latin America, with a nascent cybersecurity ecosystem. Metabase Q leveraged lessons learned globally and is rapidly improving the cybersecurity ecosystem on a company and regional level. Metabase Q pioneered a faster and more efficient model of cybersecurity managed services to enhance security and drive regional collective defense through shared threat intelligence and regulatory best-practices