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About Pangea

Pangea delivers a core set of API-first security services that can quickly and easily be used by application builders to deliver a secure and compliant customer experience for their applications.

Pangea Story

At Pangea, we are obsessed with building products that make the world a more secure place. Our team at Pangea have previously built countless enterprise products at both startups and companies like Splunk, Cisco, Symantec, and McAfee. In every case we had to write security features from scratch. Things like authentication, role based access control, audit event logging, storing customer files securely, letting them share those files with others, and many more. What if you could come to one place to extend your App with security features? Just like you go to AWS for compute, storage, database, and many other microservices, Pangea gives you out of the box microservices to embed security directly into your Apps. This is why Pangea was formed – to unite security for builders, delivering a single location where API-first security services come together to make delivery of secure user experiences achievable and easy.