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  • Brookings, South Dakota

About Query.AI

The status quo is for companies to centralize all their security data. But data volume and data distribution make centralization impractical and extraordinarily expensive. The Query.AI Security Investigations Platform unlocks access to and value from cybersecurity data wherever it is stored, regardless of vendor or technology, without requiring centralization. This leads to massive cost savings, more efficient security investigations across real-time and historical data sources, and reduced security analyst ramp-up time.

Query.AI Story

The average enterprise today is using somewhere between 50 and 75 discrete cybersecurity solutions and technologies – some are in the cloud, some are owned and operated by third-party SaaS providers, and some are on-prem. As a result, crucial data is everywhere, making it difficult for organizations to access, investigate and respond to threats in a timely fashion.

The Query.AI Security Investigations Platform serves as a connective tissue that delivers federated search to conduct cybersecurity operations across data silos, eliminating the ineffective and expensive universal data centralization approach. The platform provides companies with a unified browser interface, which plugs into disparate security technologies quickly and easily using APIs. It gives security teams the flexibility to query across cybersecurity systems and contextual information stores with the simplicity of a single query – via text, natural language, or Unified Query Language.

Access data where it lives, enjoy privacy by design, investigate in minutes, and respond with one-click orchestration.