Year Founded:

January 2023

Year Funded:

May 2023

About Synqly

Synqly is the only Integration-as-a-Service platform built for security and infrastructure products.

Synqly Story:

The average security team manages 76 security products, with this number expected to grow, according to a 2022 study.  Given no two enterprise environments are the same, it is nearly impossible for security vendors to keep up with a growing backlog of integration requests.  Synqly was founded by Joel Bauman and Steve Erickson to address the pain they experienced every day while managing technology alliances and building integrations and market-leading security and infrastructure companies.  Synqly enables the integration of multiple security and infrastructure products with a single API, dramatically shrinking the time and resources required.  It ensures that integration best practices are followed, and simplifies integration development, ongoing support, and maintenance.  Finally, it provides monitoring and metrics so that it’s easier for vendors to troubleshoot problems and track integration usage.