Headshot of Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

Venture Partner

Robert D. Rodriguez is the Chairman & Founder of SINET and a Venture Partner at SYN Ventures. SINET accelerates investments and innovation of early-stage, emerging growth, and publicly traded Cybersecurity companies into global marketplaces by connecting them to industry and government Risk Executives and Chief Information Security Officers, venture capital, and private equity firms. SINET brings together the world’s highest level of executive Cybersecurity professionals during workshops, conferences, and Public Private Partnership dinners, and on SINETConnect, their invitation–only, highly curated virtual platform that connects buyers, sellers, and investors, and is changing the way trusted business dealings operate today and into the near future.

Previously, Mr. Rodriguez served 22 years as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service where he held numerous executive leadership positions within the Presidential Protection Detail, Protective Intelligence, Inspection, Criminal Investigation Division, and the Counter Assault Team (CAT). His executive protection experience spanned 10 years at the White House serving Presidents Ronald W. Reagan, George H. Bush, William J. Clinton, and numerous Heads of State. He serves on several Cybersecurity Advisory Boards and has been called upon to advise private industry and federal governments as they build private sector outreach initiatives with corporations and the entrepreneurial and venture capital communities.

“The mission of SINET is to advance innovation and enable global collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat Cybersecurity threats.”

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